Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Windows 8 will debut in 2012...!

Windows 8 is coming
                                         That much is certain. The bigger questions are what will be in it and when will it arrive. Microsoft itself has released few official details about Windows 8, but the company's reticence seems only to have increased the buzz surrounding Microsoft's next major operating system, the follow-on to the wildly popular Windows 7. 

Microsoft will ship Windows 8 for desktop computers and tablets next year and the updated Windows Phone 7 will have 500 new features.  
Special Features that are generating most excitement : 


Compatible with ARM processors, which are notably used to run many tablet computers.
The addition of an ARM-compatible version of Windows 8 would represent a bold move for Windows, which has always been designed for the x86 processor architecture that runs Intel- or AMD-based personal computers.

Adding support for ARM-based devices would allow Windows 8, or some variant of it, to propagate more successfully throughout the growing world of tablet computers, perhaps offering some decent competition for Apple, which currently dominates the space 

#2...Faster Startup
Microsoft has promised - even boasted - about faster startup times with each new version of Windows. Unfortunately, the reality has always failed to match the hype.

While Windows 7 boot times have improved somewhat over the glacially slow pace at which a fully loaded Windows XP proceeds, most people still have to wait far too long for their Windows 7 systems to go from off to 'ready.'
#3...Enhanced Screens


Among those possible enhancements: the addition of the ribbon bar interface, introduced in Office 2007 and expanded in Office 2010, as a standard feature of common operating system applications such as the Windows Explorer file manager.

While the ribbon bar has been controversial, Microsoft seems intent on forging ahead with it, so it would be no great surprise to see it everywhere in Windows 8.

#4...New Colour swatch feature

The new Windows 8 will also reportedly feature a new colour swatch feature which, when selected, will automatically change the colour of common desktop elements - such as the taskbar and Start menu - to match the colours of the selected desktop wallpaper.

If desktop wallpaper is set up to change automatically, presumably so too will the interface colours.

Also likely from purportedly leaked screenshots: small interface enhancements such as the ability to use video clips as user icons and more informational taskbar icons. 

#5...Integrated PDF reader

New features that have surfaced as likely enhancements in Windows 8 include an integrated PDF reader, probably to be dubbed Modern Reader. If true, this feature will be a boost to the PDF file format itself, which is already widespread in companies and online but has been plagued in the past with vulnerabilities that left it open to exploitation from computer viruses. 

#6...Security Enhancements
Security features

A new installation utility could offer users the option to reinstall the entire operating system without losing user accounts, personal files, or installed programs and their settings, according to Withinwindows.com.

Additional security enhancements seem likely as well, with some leaked screenshots suggesting that the malware-stopping SmartScreen feature of Internet Explorer will be integrated into the operating system itself.

So when will Windows 8 be released?

Speculations range from the end of this year to 2014. Sometime in 2012 seems most likely, however, given Microsoft's typical three-year interval between operating system releases.
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Samsung Launches New Folded Display for Smart Phones...!

Mobile phone manufacturers have unsuccessfully tried to make smaller devices with bigger screen displays. But the sheer impossibility of creating a seamless screen nixed the idea of a folding phone. Till now.

Researchers at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, South Korea, have built a prototype of a seamless foldable display that opens up to look like that of a regular smartphone. 

The display consists of two active matrix organic light-emitting-diode (AMOLED) panels covered by a silicone window that prevents scratches and can serve as a touchscreen, the Daily Mail reports. 
When folded down, they are separated by a gap of just one millimetre. But when the screen is opened, one panel lies almost completely on top of the other and appears seamless.
Samsung Booth
The researchers tested the foldable display's durability by performing 100,000 folding-unfolding cycles. They said the key to success was controlling the optical properties of the materials.
For more Authorized info : Times of India
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Microsoft buys Skype for $8.5bn...!

 US software giant Microsoft will buy Internet phone service company Skype for $8.5 billion dollars, the companies announced. 
Steve Ballmer,CEO of Microsoft
"Skype is a phenomenal service that is loved by millions of people around the world," Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer said in a statement.

"Together we will create the future of real-time communications so people can easily stay connected to family, friends, clients and colleagues anywhere in the world."

Microsoft said Skype will become a new business division within Microsoft, and that Skype CEO Tony Bates will assume the title of president of the Microsoft Skype Division, reporting directly to Ballmer. 

Skype could be combined with Microsoft software such as Outlook to appeal to corporate users, while the voice and video communications could link to Microsoft's Xbox live gaming.
For more info: NDTV
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Samsung launches thinnest 4G Smartphone...!

Samsung has announced the availability of the Samsung Infuse 4G. The company unveiled Infuse at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in January, however, there not much heard about the smartphone after that.

Samsung Infuse comes with a 4.5-inch super AMOLED Plus display and runs on 1.2GHz processor. The device has an 8-megapixel rear camera capable of recording 720p HD video and a front-facing 1.3-megapixel camera for video calls. The smartphone is based on Android 2.2.1 and comes with TouchWiz overlay. At 8.9mm at its thinnest point, Infuse 4G is claimed to be the thinnest 4G smartphone available.

Samsung has launched the phone in the US with AT&T. The company announced that Infuse 4G would be available starting May 15 for $199.99 with a two-year contract.

Here are the phone's specifications:

• Android 2.2 platform

• 4G: HSDPA CAT 14 and HSUPA CAT 6

• 8.9 mm to 9.24mm thin

• UMTS 850/1900/2100

• GSM 850/900/1800/1900

• 1.2 GHz processor

• 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen

• 8-megapixel camera with HD 720p video camera and 1.3-megapixel front facing camera

• Virtual QWERTY keyboard

• Expandable memory up to 32GB with microSD card

• Text/Picture and Video Messaging support

• Samsung Media Hub, U-verse Mobile, U-verse Live TV, and Angry Birds

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